Tuesday, September 2, 2014
What's Happening?
  • Waffle Fun and other news at Fu shan

    Waffle Fun and other news at Fu shan

    Fu shan Update: OPEN HOUSES We have had many open houses last month and this month with a range of t...

  • 新甲分校─2014 English Summer Camp─2014年暑期趣味夏令營

    新甲分校─2014 English Summer Camp─2014年暑期趣味夏令營


  • Fu Shan Update

    Fu Shan Update

    This summer we are taking a short two week break, but many new classes are opening up in August. Int...

  • Sin Guang: Sam and Joseph Huang

    Sin Guang: Sam and Joseph Huang

    新光 : 學生介紹 : Sam跟 Joseph Huang Meet Sam and Joseph Huang. They are brothers, and are in Teacher Patri...

  • Spelling Bee – Fushan

    Spelling Bee – Fushan

    We had the first round of our Spelling Bee this year during the week of April, 21st to April 25th in...

  • The Story of the CNY animals
  • Happy Chinese New Year!
  • ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving