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Spelling Bee at SinGuang 新光的拼字比賽同樂會

This past Saturday we had our annual spelling bee at SinGuang. 在上周星期六,新光分校舉辦了一場拼字比賽! Not only did we have the spelling bee, there were also games and face-painting. 我們不只有拼字比賽,還有許多不同遊戲讓小朋友們闖關及臉上彩繪, We even had teacher Daniel and teacher Kevin cooking up some delicious pancakes for everyone! 更有Daniel和Kevin老師負責替每位小朋友們煎非常美味的鬆餅! Here is a list of the winners: 這裡是拼字比賽得獎名單: Level 1-2: 1.Mandy Wu 2Kitty Liu 3.Eva Yeh Level …

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Easter at SinGuang 新光的復活節

For Easter, we took all the afternoon students over to a local park, and had a lot of fun. 復活節活動當天,我們帶下午班小朋友去附近的公園準備好玩的活動, We started out with some field games, and then moved onto the Easter egg dying station. 一到公園,先玩一些大地遊戲再去製作彩蛋的場地製作彩蛋。 After we finished dying the eggs, 畫完彩蛋後, we let them dry and the students played some more field games. 再讓彩蛋晾乾,然後又繼續了我們最愛的大地遊戲! Was another great …

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