2014 Fumin Christmas Party&Singing

Here are some of the images from this year’s parties and carol singing from the FuMin branch. The kids had a great time and even Santa made an appearance! All of the classes sang a collection of Christmas favorites for the parents. Thanks to everyone for making the parties fun! 這裡是今年富民分班聖誕派對和歌曲演唱的照片,每一位小朋友都度過了一個很棒的時光,甚至聖誕老人出現了!每一個班級都為了各位家長獻唱了耶誕歌曲,感謝大家都讓今年的聖誕節更熱鬧及有趣!!   更多照片及資訊請至我們的FB粉絲專頁【全能外語富民分班】      

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