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2017 LongDe Happy Summer Camp 4.

~水餃皮披薩~ 我們的美食自製活動做的是烤披薩,加了火腿、玉米、鳳梨和起司。超級可口的! We used dumpling wrappers to make pizza with ham, corn, pineapple and cheese. The pizza smelled so delicious that made our mouths water. We can’t wait to eat it! ~戶外體能課~ 我們最愛的體能課來了!可樂老師教我們:跨欄、抱圈圈賽跑、觸地競賽……一連串的體育活動,更重要的是:老師教我們不怕輸的運動精神。 Today we had a hurdle race and running competition. We were so tired, but we had a great time. We all love PE class!  

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2017 LongDe Happy Summer Camp 3.

We visited Aozihdi Forest Park. There were lots of insects and plants in the park, and we got to know what their lives are like! ~戶外散步-蜻蜓生態影片觀賞~ 農16公園是一個小小生態館,許多小昆蟲、植物,等我們造訪耶!

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