Saturday, December 16, 2017


Chinese New Year Activity

It is the Year of the Monkey, so each student made a Schoolhouse monkey calendar. They were fun to make and they are very useful. We also played “ Fortune Sticks.” Each student won a prize by picking a lucky number. It was fun! 今年是猴年,每個學生都應景做了一份全能外語的吉猴日曆。日曆有趣又實用。接著我們也玩了”幸運籤”的遊戲,學生可以抽一個幸運數字並贏得一個獎品。真是好玩的新年活動!

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2015 Christmas

Everyone had a great time at Christmas. We made delicious candy kebabs, holly wreaths and candy canes. The candy canes were made from red and white beads. Santa came to visit, so everyone got a gift. It was a fantastic Christmas time! 今年聖誕節我們度過了一段美妙的韶光,我們做了美味的糖果串、聖誕花圈及拐杖糖裝飾品,拐杖糖裝飾品是由白色和紅色的珠珠串成的。聖誕老人也來拜訪我們,每個人都得到了禮物。這真是一個神奇絕妙的聖誕節。 更多照片可至河堤分校的FB粉絲專頁【全能外語河堤分班-2015 Christmas】觀看喲!

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