This is Diane. She studied at Schoolhouse for nearly eight years. She is currently studying business administration at the National Central University in Taoyuan. She got an impressive TOIC passing grade of 960 points. Listen to this audio clip of Diane explaining how Schoolhouse has helped her achieve her goals. 這是就讀全能外語近八年的學生Diane分享影片,她目前主修桃園中央大學企管系,她的多益成績高達960分,讓我們聽聽他簡短說明全能外語如何幫助她實現目標的影片。

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This Is Fred (Frederick Hung). He was a student at the HeTi (Mintzu) branch of Schoolhouse for many years. He is currently majoring in English at National Pingtung University. Fred studied with us for around ten years and has now become a very confident English speaker, even going on to claim first prize in speech competitions organized by the Kaohsiung …

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