Science Museum

Some pictures from the Science Museum trip with our afternoon classes. We found an awesome game using a computer monitor in the Candy House in the Basement Floor. This game was using boards to hold above our heads. The boards then somehow could be monitored by the computer. If you jumped high or fast enough then you could get special …

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Videos from Fu Shan Speech Competition 2013

Finally some videos from the speech competition,,, These are some videos from Round 1, which was in the classrooms at our school. Eva, who came first place in BR357 Bridget’s level 1. Sonya, who came second from Bridget’s (BR)357. Dora, who came first from Casey’s CA35(2). Johnny from Chris’ class CH257: Anni from Roz’ class RO144 came …

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Welcoming our New Teacher: Brent

Fu Shan News Welcoming our new teacher to fu Shan branch, Brent Clark. He is from the USA ( America) and his birthday is in December. His hobbies are Surfing, scuba diving and wood work. Do you know what woodwork is? It’s making things from wood. He has been teaching in Taiwan for almost two years and has many games …

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