2013 Halloween

Halloween is almost here.We will be having lots of fun at the Mintzu branch this year from apple bobbing to balloon popping.Check this space for some fun pictures from our Halloween celebrations over the next few days.

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Halloween is around the corner now… … and so our school, Fushan, has been preparing for our two-day parties! What great ideas we have for crafts. There are many things that we can make fom paper. Paper hats are fun and easy. Just photocopy the design, cut and fold! Here are some of our hat patterns. You can see the …

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SinJia Zoo Trip

On Friday, October 11th, the XinJia branch of Schoolhouse Language Center visited the ShouShan Zoo in Kaohsiung. For some of our students and teachers, this was their first visit to the zoo. The students were very excited to see some animals that they had only seen pictures of before. 10月11日星期五,新甲分校的師生們走訪了壽山動物園,有些老師和學生是第一次來到動物園,學生們都很興奮能親眼看見圖片上的動物。   One of the first animals that the students saw …

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