Easter 2014-復活節

On Wednesday, April 16th, we had a fun day of Easter games at the park. The children took turns hiding and finding eggs around the park. They had three leg races, played duck, duck, goose, baseball and egg and spoon relay races. It was a great day! 在四月十六日星期三這天,我們在公園體驗美好的復活節活動。小孩們輪流在公園裡體驗捉迷藏與尋找蛋的活動。他們體驗了兩人三腳、大風吹與棒球打擊的遊戲,這天真的是很美好的一天。 On Friday, April 18th, we colored eggs and made Easter bunny baskets. How …

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Thanksgiving At The Park-2013年在公園慶祝感恩節

We took the kids to Millennial Park in Pingdong for our Thanksgiving celebration. The children had a good time talking about what they were thankful for, playing games and eating! 老師們帶著學生們到屏東千禧公園去慶祝感恩節。學生們有著愉快的下午,我們玩遊戲、分享食物、也輪流說著我們內心感恩的事情和人。

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Halloween in Pingdong-2013年屏東分校萬聖節

We had a scary good time out here in Pingdong. On Thursday and Friday we trick or treated and played Halloween games. On Saturday there was a school wide Ghoulhouse where the kids and their moms and dads got treated to an especially spooky Halloween. 我們在屏東分校有著可怕的萬聖節經驗!星期四和星期五我們玩遊戲、要糖果。星期六的時候全能屏東分校變成了一間可怕的鬼屋,小朋友們和爸爸媽媽體會到了特別又詭異的萬聖節。

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