2016 LongDe Spots Day

On December 9th, our afternoon classes went to the park to have fun. We played football, baseball, badminton and dodgeball. It was a fun time, and the weather was perfect. 12/9,我們的下午班去農十六公園戶外教學。那天天氣很涼爽,我們玩足球、棒球、羽球和躲避球,度過了一個很棒的下午時光! 更多精彩照片可至龍德分校的FB粉絲專頁【全能外語龍德分班 – 2016 Sports Day】觀看喲!

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Chinese New Year Activity at the Fumin Branch

It is the Year of the Monkey, so each student made a Schoolhouse monkey calendar. They were fun to make and they are very useful. We also played “ Fortune Sticks.” Each student won a prize by picking a lucky number. It was fun! 今年是猴年,每個學生都應景做了一份全能外語的吉猴日曆。日曆有趣又實用。接著我們也玩了”幸運籤”的遊戲,學生可以抽一個幸運數字並贏得一個獎品。真是好玩的新年活動! 更多照片請上FB,搜尋”全能外語富民分班“

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