Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year Article(easy version) vacation

1. Everyone has a vacation at Chinese New Year. Students have about 3 weeks. Most adults have at least 5 days.每個人在農曆新年都有假期。學生大約有三個星期。大部分成年人則至少有五天。



2. People buy New Year’s couplets for their doors. The papers have wishes for luck, health, and happiness on them. 人們會買新年春聯來裝飾在門上。春聯的涵義大多用來祈求人們本身的好運,健康與快樂。



3. People will buy a paper with the word ‘spring’ on it. They will put the word ‘spring’ upside down on their door, because the Chinese word for ‘upside down’ sounds like the word for ‘arrive’.人們會買只有「春」字的春聯。它們會以倒立的方式被貼在門上,因為中文字的「倒」跟「到」聽起來很相似。


market4. Everyone goes shopping. They will buy a lot of food, because there will be many visitors during the holiday, and many chances to eat with family and friends. 每個人都會去辦年貨。人們會買一大堆的食物,因為在佳節期間會有許多來拜年的人,許多與家人或朋友一起吃飯的機會。


buy clothes5. They will also buy new clothes. At Chinese New Year, everyone likes to have new clothes.人們也會買新衣服。在新年每個人都會喜歡擁有新衣服。


clean house6. Before Chinese New Year, everyone cleans their house very well. 在新年到來之前家家戶戶都會把家裡打掃得很乾淨。


family dinner7. On New Year’s Eve, families get together and have a big dinner. They have fish, because the Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for “more than enough.” They have dumplings, because dumplings look like money. They also eat a vegetable called long life vegetable, because it symbolizes long life. 在除夕夜每個家庭都會團圓吃年夜飯。這就是所謂的「圍爐」。而某些特定的食物是每個家庭都有的。會有魚,因為ㄩˊ的中文意思是比足夠還多。水餃則看起來像元寶。他們也會吃長年菜﹐因為象徵長壽。


Red-Envelope8. Adults will give children red envelopes filled with money. Children can get red envelopes from their parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and their parents friends. 大人則會發給小孩們裝著滿滿錢的紅包。小孩可以從父母,阿姨或姑姑,叔叔或舅舅,祖父母甚至父母的朋友那拿到紅包。


chinese-new-year-firecrackers9. On New Year’s Eve, children stay up until midnight. They play games with their relatives. At midnight some people light firecrackers. 孩子們都會在除夕夜守歲。他們會與親友們一起玩遊戲。過了午夜某些人會點燃鞭炮。


SV-AS30 ImageData10. On New Year’s Day, families will go to a temple. They will ask the Gods to help them have a good year.大年初一,家家戶戶會去廟宇拜拜。他們向神明請求新的一年會是美好的一年。


family visit11. People will visit their friends and family. They usually take a gift box, like candy, fruit, drinks, or other kinds of food.They wish them a happy new year.人們會拜訪他們的家族或好友。他們通常會帶一個禮盒,像是糖果、水果、飲料等等食物。他們祝福對方有愉快的一年。


eva-air12. Families like to travel to interesting places during the New Year holiday. Some families travel to other countries, and some families travel in Taiwan.家庭常常在新年假期去有趣的地方玩。有些會出國,有些則會待在台灣旅遊。