Easter_Article Easter is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. It was originally a Christian holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that three days after he was killed, Jesus came back to life. On Easter Sunday, many people go to church to remember Jesus. This year Easter Sunday is on March 31st.




Easter is not just a religious holiday. Many people celebrate it as the coming of spring. There are many fun Easter traditions that people of all religions enjoy. For example, children believe that on Easter morning, the Easter Bunny will visit their homes and bring them eggs and candy. The Easter Bunny often hides the eggs all around the house, so children must go and find them. People also dye or color hard-boiled eggs and make them very beautiful. And later in the day, families get together and have a big Easter Dinner. For many families, Easter dinner is one of the most important meals of the year, second only to Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner.


現在人不只將這個節日視為宗教活動,同時也慶祝春天的到來。有很多好玩的復活節的傳統﹐每一個人不限於宗教信仰都可以欣賞。 例如﹐小孩相信在復活節早上﹐復活兔子會來拜訪﹐帶來彩蛋以及糖果。 復活兔子把彩蛋藏在房子各地方﹐所以小孩必須去把它們找出來。很多人也會染煮熟的蛋﹐ 把它們弄得很漂亮。在下午的時候﹐家庭會聚在一起享用復活節大餐。對很多家庭﹐復活節大餐僅次於感恩節和聖誕節。