Halloween Article Halloween is on October 31st. Next to Christmas, it is most children’s favorite holiday.


At the beginning of October, families start to decorate their homes with Halloween decorations. Some people put pictures of ghosts, vampires, and monsters on doors and windows. Some people put Halloween decorations in their yards, in their trees, or even on the roofs of their houses.

在10月初,各個家庭會開始用萬聖節的裝飾品來佈置他們的房子 。有些人會用鬼怪、吸血鬼、巫婆和怪物的圖片貼在門和窗戶,有些人則會將萬聖節裝飾品佈置在花園裡、樹上,甚至是屋頂上。

Families buy a pumpkin and carve a face on it. This is called a jack-o’-lantern. After the face is carved, they put a candle inside. This makes the jack-o’-lantern’s eyes, nose, and mouth glow. It can be very scary!


On Halloween night, children wear costumes. Some children dress up in scary costumes, like a witch or a monster. Some costumes are not scary, like a princess or a fireman. Some children dress up like their favorite ball player, actor, singer, or character from a movie.


After they dress up, they go trick-or-treating. They go to a neighbors’ house, knock on the door, and when someone answers the door, they yell, “Trick or treat!” Usually the person in the house will give the children some candy—this is their “treat.” But sometimes the person in the house will try to “trick” the children.

裝扮後,他們會參加「不給糖就搗蛋」的參加活動。「不給糖就搗蛋」就是去鄰居的家敲門,而鄰居開門的時候,要大聲喊 “Trick or treat!”,通常鄰居會給糖果,這就是 treat(招待),但有時候鄰居會試惡作劇 (trick)。

When children trick-or-treat, they go to many houses, and they get a lot of candy. They will take a special Halloween bag or bucket to carry all the candy in.

A boy dressed as a vampire goes trick or treating with his mother. He has a Halloween bucket for his candy.
A scary Halloween mask.
A scary jack o’ lantern
This yard is decorated with pumpkins and scarecrows.