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Sin Guang: Sam and Joseph Huang

新光 : 學生介紹 : Sam跟 Joseph Huang Meet Sam and Joseph Huang. They are brothers, and are in Teacher Patrick’s level 12 class. 我們來認一下Sam跟Joseph。他們倆是兄弟,目前就讀Patrick老師第12級的課程。 Joseph is 12 years old and attends Sin Jhuang Elementary School. Sam is 13, and attends Jheng Sing Junior High School which is the same school Joseph will be attending next year after he graduates from …

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Sin Guang: Spelling Bee新光全能拼字王!

上個週末我們在新光分校舉辦了年度全能拼字王。 We had our annual spelling bee at Sin Guang last weekend. 在第一輪,每個班級同學互相競賽,先訂出前三名。 For the first round, each class competed against each other, and 3 finalists were named. 然後在周六,我們將每個班級的前三名聚集在一起, 互相競賽,看誰是冠軍。 Then on Saturday, we joined the finalists together to compete against each other and see who would be the spelling bee champion. 我們也在其他教室舉行一些好玩的遊戲,有:臉譜彩繪、籃球、高爾夫球、棒球九宮格。 We also had some fun games in …

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