Schoolhouse Heti Branch short video

Here is a short video tour of our school, showing our classrooms, staff, teachers and some our enthusiastic students. We hope this gives you a small glimpse of what we have to offer at our friendly school. 這是全能外語-河堤分校的介紹短片!快來看看我們明亮清淨的空間環境,以及專業的外籍老師、親切的中籍老師和充滿活力的學生們。

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河堤分班的基礎新班 – 招生活動開始了!凡是舊生的弟弟妹妹或是舊家長推薦新家長到校參觀,都可以跟櫃檯老師索取精美禮物一份喔! We’re going to open New Fundamental Classes. Come visit us and get a free surprise for the kids.

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Sports Day 2019 – HeTi Branch

On Wednesday, our afternoon classes enjoyed a fun-filled sports day at the park. We all ran around, played games and enjoyed the perfect spring weather. 多美好的陽光啊!看我們的老師和學生們追逐跑跳、歡笑著享受運動的樂趣! There are more pictures on our facebook page! 更多照片可至→【河堤分校 – Sports Day 2019】

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