Good Job BR142!!

          Congratulations to Bridget’s afternoon class BR142 as they have passed their ABC tests!Good job! Now, get ready for Halloween… I hope they don’t get too scared.  

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Pancake Day at Sin Guang! 新光 – 做鬆餅日!

Over at the Sin Guang branch we made pancakes with all of our afternoon students. 在新光分校,我們下午班的學生們自己動手做鬆餅喔! Everyone had a lot of fun, 每位學生都覺得很好玩很有趣, and when we finished, we all had a great snack to enjoy! 鬆餅完成後,每個人邊吃 邊享受著自己親手做的鬆餅呢!

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Occupation Essays

All of the students from Level 3 to 10 wrote essays about occupations this year. These are the best essays. Level 3 Osmond JEN1345 Level 4 Martin JEN245 Level 5 Kiki TOM35 Level 6 Penny JOE355 Level 7 Jane TOM137 Level 8 Gary JUL247 Level 10 Andy JEN355  

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