SinJia Zoo Trip

On Friday, October 11th, the XinJia branch of Schoolhouse Language Center visited the ShouShan Zoo in Kaohsiung. For some of our students and teachers, this was their first visit to the zoo. The students were very excited to see some animals that they had only seen pictures of before. 10月11日星期五,新甲分校的師生們走訪了壽山動物園,有些老師和學生是第一次來到動物園,學生們都很興奮能親眼看見圖片上的動物。   One of the first animals that the students saw …

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Singing Competition at Sin Jia Branch!

Can your class learn to sing the song, “The Fox”? The Sin Jia Branch class that sings it the best will have a pizza party! 新甲分校唱歌比賽! 你的班級可以學唱“The Fox” 這首歌嗎﹖ 唱最好的班級可以辦 pizza party﹐你們唱歌的影片也放 上Schoolhouse 的網站.

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