FengShan Spelling Bee 單字比賽(鳳山)

Spelling Bee in Feng Shan

Spelling Bee單字比賽(鳳山)

On Saturday, September 28th, three branches of Schoolhouse held a combined spelling bee. The three branches were all in Fengshan District: the Sin Jia Branch, the Feng Si Branch, and the Rui Sing Branch.

九月二十八號,星期六,全能外語舉辦了三校聯合Spelling Bee單字比賽。三個分校皆在鳳山區,有:新甲分校,鳳西分校及瑞興分校。

The format of this year’s spelling bee was different than in years past. Instead of students spelling words orally one by one, this year each student had a small whiteboard, and when the tester said a word, each student had to spell the word. Students could misspell one word; when they missed the second word, they were eliminated. This made the competition quicker, allowed more people to participate, and also was more fair.

今年的Spelling Bee單字比賽與往年的形式不一樣。不同以往讓學生們分別用口說的方式把單字拼出來,今年我們讓每位學生們各拿一個小白板,考官說的每個單字必須手寫在白板上,學生有一次拼錯的機會,但如果再拼錯第二次,他們將會被踢除比賽。這樣的方式讓比賽進行更快速,也能讓更多的學生參與,公平性也較高。

The competition was divided into six levels. The winners of the level 1&2 competition were Ellie Chen and Eason Hung. The winnersof the level 3&4 competition were Bella Hsu, Lisa Wang, and Caroline Chuang.The winnersof the level 5&6 competition were Henry Lee, David Lu, Joyce Wei, Evan Hu, and Teresa Cheng.The winner of the level 7&8 competition was Tiffany Chou.The winner of the level 9&10 competition was Thomas Wang .And the winner of the level 11&12 competition was Peter Mai.

這次的比賽分成六個級數進行。第1/2級得獎者為: Ellie Chen及Eason Huang。

第3/4級得獎者為Bella Hsu, Lisa Wang, 及Caroline Chuang。第5/6級得獎者為:Henry Lee, David Lu, Joyce Wei, Evan Hu, 及Teresa Cheng。第7/8級得獎者為:Tiffany Chou。第9/10級得獎者為:Thomas Wang。第11/12級得獎者為:Peter Mai。

Aside from the spelling bee, there were games for students to play. There was an angry bird game, a tic-tac-toe game, a memory game, a guessing game, a bean-bag toss game, and a golf game. It was a fun morning for everyone who participated.

除了Spelling Bee單字比賽,我們還有很多遊戲讓學生們玩。遊戲有:憤怒鳥,連連看,記憶大車拼,猜猜看,丟沙包及迷你高爾夫。當天早上有參與的學生們都玩得很盡興。