Mid-Autumn Festival!



Mid-Autumn Festival (Easy Version) mid autumn festival easy 1. Mid-Autumn Festival is a big holiday in Taiwan. It is usually in September.
中秋節在台灣是一個很大的節日。中秋節大部分是在 九月份。
2. On Mid-Autumn Festival there is a full moon.
3. We have barbecues with family and friends.
4. We eat moon cakes.
5. We also eat pomelos.
Children make hats with the pomelos.
6. We tell the story of Chang E.
She lives on the moon with a rabbit.

Mid-Autumn Festival (Advanced Version)中秋節
mid autumn festival advanced 3

20070510142654_0Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four most important holidays in Taiwan, along with Chinese New Year, Tomb Sweeping Day, and Dragon Boat Festival. Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the fifteenth day of the eighth month on the Chinese calendar, which is usually in late September or early October.


On Mid-Autumn Festival there is a full moon, so families like to go outside at night and look at the beautiful moon while they have barbecues with family and friends. People eat moon cakes, which are small, round, sweet cakes filled with egg yolks, bean paste, and other things. They also eat pomelos, a fruit that looks like a large grapefruit. Sometimes children use the peel of the pomelo to make a hat.1749788204_68d1718f30


chang eThere is an old story that is often told on Mid-Autumn Festival about a man named Hou Yi and his wife Chang E. Many years ago, there were ten suns in the sky. The weather was too hot and everything was dying. Hou Yi was a good archer, so he used his bow and arrow to shoot down nine of the suns. Everyone was very happy, and to thank him, a goddess gave him a medicine that would make him live forever. But Chang E took the medicine, and flew to the moon.


Mid-Autumn Festival中秋節

Tomb Sweeping Day清明節

Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese calendar 農民曆

full moon滿月


moon cake月餅

egg yolks蛋黃

bean paste豆沙

pomelo 文旦

grapefruit 葡萄柚

Hou Yi 后羿

Chang E 嫦娥



goddess 女神


forever 永遠