SinJia Zoo Trip

On Friday, October 11th, the XinJia branch of Schoolhouse Language Center visited the ShouShan Zoo in Kaohsiung. For some of our students and teachers, this was their first visit to the zoo. The students were very excited to see some animals that they had only seen pictures of before.



One of the first animals that the students saw was the pink flamingo. They were in an enclosure by the zoo entrance. Most of them were sleeping while standing on one leg. Many students tried to do this as well, but need to work on their balance a bit more.



The students really enjoyed getting up close to some of the primates. One species of monkey was very interested in the students and came right up to the window. The orangutan’s long orange hair also impressed the students. The only disappointing part of the day was that the lion exhibit was closed for renovation, but the students could definitely hear it roaring.

學生們真的很喜歡靈長類動物,然而其中一種靈長類動物也對學生很感興趣,跟著靠近玻璃窗,猩猩的橘色長毛也認學生們印象深刻。唯一讓學生們感到可惜的是, 獅子展示區因園區裝修而關閉,要不然學生們一定能聽到獅吼聲。


When asked after what their favorite animal at the zoo was, students had a wide range of answers. For some it was the pair of white tigers, imported from China in 2011. Some said the very small kangaroo (which is actually not a kangaroo, but related to it), and others said that the elephant was their favorite. Everyone had good time and can’t wait to go back next year.