Sport’s Day at FuMin Branch

On December 7th, our afternoon classes went to the park to have fun. We played football, baseball, badminton and dodgeball. It was a fun time, and the weather was perfect.
12/7,我們的下午班去農十六公園戶外教學。那天天氣很涼爽,我們玩足球、棒球、羽球和躲避球,度過了一個很棒的下午時光!20161207_142358 20161207_142513 20161207_142657 20161207_142949 20161207_143826 20161207_144000 20161207_144139 20161207_145216_1 20161207_145256 dscn0011 dscn0021 dscn0029 dscn0038 dscn0039 dscn0040 dscn0042 dscn0043 dscn0048 dscn0056 dscn0068 dscn0085 dscn0089